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the two subjects most associated to mathematics in the layman imagination are
I knew Math was going woke when the Annals of combinatorics
Sitting in LDT conference.
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Job market after getting a job 1 2
Why did Minhyong Kim leave Oxford?
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The olden days
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Again, please find a solution
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[nuke] Novikov Conjecture
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Yay I got a TT offer at a top ten!
Will the program "toposes as bridges" lead to a rain of results?
Proof techniques that you can’t support or of which you are suspicious 1 2 3
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Tenure track job application results 1 2 ... 142 143 144

Does Erdos have a combinatorics problem?

  1. Top Mathematician

    Does Erdoes have a combinatorics problem?

    1 weekmzrt
    Quote 10 Up 1 Down Report
  2. Top Mathematician

    Does Erdoes have a combinatorics problem?

    I would argue that he Erdoesn't.

    1 weekemhe
    Quote 5 Up 1 Down Report
  3. Top Mathematician

    he certainly erdoesn’t have an erdong problem

    1 weekaqhz
    Quote 2 Up 0 Down Report
  4. Top Mathematician

    Does Erdoes have a combinatorics problem?

    As long as a mathematician is otherwise high functioning, they cannot be said to have a combinatorics problem. But if they start attempting to 'game' their Erdős number, it might be time for an intervention.

    Name transliteration issues are usually transient, and easily cured with a short sabbatical from couch surfing.

    1 weekgkek
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  5. Top Mathematician

    Yes that’s why there are Erdos prizes

    1 weekkdbw
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  6. Top Mathematician

    Erdos has a meth problem

    1 weeklqum
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