Emmy Murphy Is a Mathematician Who Finds Beauty in Flexibility
Again, please find a solution 1 2
Salary in Singapore
If you want to prove anything significant, you need to go crackpot mode 1 2
When do you think an AGI will be a better mathematician than, e.g., Von Neumann?
Taking the wife with you for a conference 1 2
Is CUNY anti Semitic? 1 2 3 4 5
PhD advisers at random places with a good track record 1 2 3
Examples of mathematicians moving to lesser departments to avoid 1 2
the two subjects most associated to mathematics in the layman imagination are
I knew Math was going woke when the Annals of combinatorics
Sitting in LDT conference.
Are all Annals papers really excellent? 1 2
Job market after getting a job 1 2
Why did Minhyong Kim leave Oxford?
What are the best places for conference tourism? 1 2
The olden days
How hard to get in EPFL
Good introductory books on chaos theory and its practical implications 1 2
The most important problem in your sub-sub-field
Best MJR IDs 1 2 3 4 5
[nuke] Novikov Conjecture
At what age should one grow their Einstein hair out like Carlos Rovelli & Michio
How does Eric Weinstein have so much free time? 1 2 3 4
What's your appraisal of Aaron TK Chow? 1 2 3
Indian job market rumours 1 2
Jacob Ziv has died
Why did Teleman return to Berkeley from Oxford?
How high is the salary of an assistant professor (US tenure-track equivalent) in
Have you told your parents you’re an undergrad yet?
Rough Job Market 1 2
Top mathematicians still in Russia 1 2
What is the highest form of technique you hope to achieve?
What's your favorite Soviet? 1 2
Are pure mathematicians underrated in terms of fame & acclaim? 1 2
PSU vs UMD 1 2
Yay I got a TT offer at a top ten!
Will the program "toposes as bridges" lead to a rain of results?
Proof techniques that you can’t support or of which you are suspicious 1 2 3
Good enough Putnam score to list for the top grad schools (Harvard, MIT, etc.) 1 2 3

Have you been mentioned on MJR yet?

  1. Top Mathematician

    I mentioned myself by name once.

    1 weekevtc
    Quote 3 Up 1 Down Report
  2. Top Mathematician

    We should have a math version of "celebrity read mean Tweets", mean Tweets replaced by MJR posts of course. TT would be my top choice.

    This sounds like an extremely good YouTube channel. More interesting than math life balance.

    1 weekolkv
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  3. Top Mathematician

    Yes, but no one bothered to trash me. I guess, I am too insignificant. Keep checking everyday, though...

    1 weeknpyc
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  4. Top Mathematician

    Yes, but no one bothered to trash me. I guess, I am too insignificant. Keep checking everyday, though...

    if someone mentioned you it means you are not insignificant

    1 weekcajl
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  5. Top Mathematician

    Yes, once, and very respectfully. It was kind of nice.

    1 weekvisv
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